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An Introduction to Forensic Handwriting Analysis Equipment

Most of the common forensic handwriting analysis techniques require the right equipment. When it comes to considering the trade of a good and professional forensic document examiner, the most emphasis is placed on the training and experience of the person in question.  A large part of the training during an apprenticeship is devoted to learning… Read more »

The Role and Importance of a Forensic Examiner

Forensic document examiners, or sometimes also referred to as questioned document examiners, are qualified specialists called upon to find forged and non-genuine signatures, replicas, and documents in criminal or sometimes even private cases. It is a precise science that incorporates a wide range of different scientific methods of examining a document for a criminal investigation…. Read more »

Different Techniques to Determine Fake Signatures

In private practice, most document cases for handwriting experts involve performing handwriting comparisons. Hand writing can be differentiated between two or more people by using certain analytical techniques that are commonly used by handwriting experts.  In the beginning stages, writers have to  learn to write by emulating a handwriting system that is most commonly taught… Read more »

The Responsibilities and Duties of Forensic Document Examiners

It is common knowledge that as a Forensic Document Examiner, it is the person’s responsibility to provide a resource in terms of expertise for resolving alleged forged document issues in civil and criminal cases.  For clarification purposes, the term ‘forgery’ is a legal term that is used to broadly define the intentional falsification of a… Read more »